Clinton Camp Denies Looking To Senate Races, Red States To Polish Foregone Victory
The Clinton campaign on Sunday denied assertions that it thinks the White House race is now a lock and has moved toward trying for a blowout victory over Republican rival Donald Trump while attempting to take control of the Senate. “We’re not taking anything for granted,” campaign manager Robby Mook told “Fox News Sunday,” repeating a familiar line from Clinton aides and surrogates. Mook made the comment one day after Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, devoted a big chunk of her speech in Pittsburgh to touting Katie McGinty, the Democrat challenger for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, and trying to connect the GOP incumbent, Sen. Pat Toomey, to Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. Fox News

Democratic Candidate For Governor In West Virginia Owes Millions In Taxes
Jim Justice, a coal billionaire running for West Virginia governor, owes millions in back taxes to some of Appalachia's most impoverished counties, including one in Kentucky that is struggling to pay the debt on a new rec center and has turned the lights off in its parks and reduced hot meals for senior citizens. Many of these counties have been devastated by the collapse of the coal industry over the past few years, and their financial struggles are not all Justice's fault. But county officials say things would be a lot easier if he paid up. "It's just absurd that a billionaire wouldn't pay his taxes," fellow Democrat Zach Weinberg, the top elected official in Kentucky's Knott County, said as he thumbed through a folder of Justice's debts. Fox News

New Poll Shows Clinton Over Trump By Double-Digits
Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows. The ABC News survey's results show Clinton with a 20-point advantage among women, and a 3-point edge with men -- a group that has tilted toward Trump for most of the 2016 race. Clinton leads among voters of all education levels -- but her 3-point advantage with those without college degrees is smaller than her 20-point lead among voters with college degrees. The ABC News poll was conducted October 20-22 and includes 874 likely voters. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Philippines' Duterte Sparking Distress Around The World
America's top diplomat for Asia said Monday that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's controversial remarks and a "real climate of uncertainty" about his government's intentions have sparked distress in the U.S. and other countries. Daniel Russel, the assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, said he also relayed to Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. international concern over continuing killings under Duterte's crackdown against illegal drugs. Russel's visit to the Philippines, part of a three-nation trip to Southeast Asia, comes amid increasing uncertainty about Washington's treaty alliance with Manila. The brash Duterte, who took office on June 30, has displayed antagonism toward America, declaring his desire to scale back military engagements with the U.S. and telling President Barack Obama to "go to hell." Philadelphia Inqurier

Tropical Storm Seymour Getting Stronger In The Pacific
Tropical Storm Seymour is getting stronger in the Pacific off Mexico's coast and is expected to become a hurricane. The storm's maximum sustained winds early Monday have increased to near 65 mph (105 kph). The U.S. National Hurricane Center says additional strengthening is expected and Seymour is forecast to become a hurricane later in the day and could become a major hurricane by late Tuesday. The storm is centered about 395 miles (636 kilometers) southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico, and is moving west-northwest near 15 mph (24 kph). Philadelphia Inquirer

Emails Show Clinton Aides Making Private Server Jokes
Hacked emails from the personal account of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign official show her aides considered inserting jokes about her private email server into her speeches at several events — and at least one joke made it into her remarks. “I love it,” she told a dinner in Iowa on August 14, 2015, noting she had opened an online account with Snapchat, which deletes posts automatically. “Those messages disappear all by themselves.” The crack scored a laugh from the audience, but the issue was plenty serious. About a month earlier, news broke of an FBI investigation into whether some of the emails that passed through Clinton’s unsecured server contained classified information. Ultimately, the agency criticized Clinton for being reckless with classified information but declined to prosecute her. NY Post

Conway Touts Trump's 'Drain The Swamp' Message, Admits 'We Are Behind'
Donald Trump's campaign manager pitched Sunday his new call to "drain the swamp" of Washington, even as she admitted Donald Trump trails in the race about two weeks from Election Day. "We are behind. She has some advantages," Kellyanne Conway said on NBC's "Meet the Press," adding that those advantages include that Clinton "has a former president, happens to be her husband, campaigning for her; the current president and first lady, vice president -- all much more popular than she can hope to be. And she's seen as the incumbent." Conway, while touting Trump's Gettysburg speech Saturday that proposed ethical reforms, also distanced herself from Trump's lengthy attack on women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. CNN


Trump Would '100 Percent' Accept Election Result If It's Fair
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will "100 percent" accept the results of the U.S. election if it is fair, his son Eric Trump said on Sunday. “I think what my father is saying is, 'I want a fair election,’” Eric Trump said on ABC's "This Week." “If it’s a fair outcome, he will absolutely accept it. There’s no question about that." Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway acknowledged on Sunday that Trump trails rival Hillary Clinton in national and key battle ground state opinion polls. "We are behind," she said on NBC's "Meet the Press," adding that Clinton had "tremendous advantages," including a larger campaign war chest that she can use to buy television commercials. Reuters

A Waste Of Money? Trump's Border Wall Falling Flat In Arizona
Donald Trump rode to the top of the Republican ticket promising a "big, beautiful, powerful" border wall with Mexico to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants. Along that border, however, Americans are more likely to call the wall a "waste of money", according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll. The results show that while the New York businessman may have expected his tough stance on immigration to fire up support nationally, it seems to be falling short in a state heavily affected by illegal immigration, and where he is now facing a surprising challenge from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Reuters

Iran's President Rouhani Calls U.S. Election 'Choice Between Bad And Worse'
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani chastised U.S. presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Sunday, calling the American election "a choice between bad and worse." The comments, which came during a speech in the city of Arak and were broadcast on Iranian state television, according to the Associated Press, marked Rouhani's first public remarks on the presidential contest. Rouhani also used the opportunity to criticize the bare knuckle-style politics that has defined the race. "Look at their way of speaking, the way they accuse each other and the way they mock one another," Rouhani told the crowd. "Do we want such a democracy in our country? Do we want such elections in our country?" MSNBC

Porn Star Launched Sex Shop One Day Before Trump Allegations
The porn star who claims Donald Trump forcibly hugged and kissed her — then offered her $10,000 for a romp — launched her online sex shop just one day before leveling the allegations. Wicked Pictures performer Jessica Drake is hawking dozens of sex toys, lubricants and porn videos — including her explicit “Guide to Wicked Sex” series — through the new site. “I am thrilled to create a one-stop shop for everything about ‘Guide to Wicked Sex,’ including all of the amazing products that will enhance your sex life and bring you and your partner closer together,” Drake said in announcing her site’s launch on the blog Drake — who’s appeared in smutty parodies of the movies “Magic Mike XXXL,” “Underworld” and even “Snow White” — re-tweeted a link to the launch announcement later in the day. NY Post

Black Votes Matter PAC Suspends Operations
A group founded earlier this year to help mobilize black turnout for the Nov. 8 elections has suspended operations, The Post has learned. Black Votes Matter PAC was created to address concerns about a drop-off in the black vote without President Obama, the first African-American elected to the White House, on the ballot. Black Votes Matter PAC founder Charlie King said the allies in Hillary Clinton’s camp made it known that a separate, third party effort wasn’t needed to turn out the African-American vote. “We stopped pushing a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t think Black Votes Matters was needed to get out the African-American vote. We had a lot of people geared up,” said King, a former director of the New York State Democratic Party who has ties to the Rev. Al Sharpton, Gov. Cuomo and the black political establishment. NY Post

Iran Sides With Iraq In Dispute With Turkey
Iran says Turkey should get permission from Iraq's government to participate in the operation to take back Mosul from the Islamic State group — a statement with which Tehran waded into a dispute over the presence of Turkish troops in northern Iraq. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said on Monday that "it is not acceptable at all if a country, under the pretext of combating terrorism or any other crimes, tries to violate the sovereignty" of another country. Some 500 Turkish troops stationed at a base near Mosul are training Iraqi Sunni and Kurdish forces that are taking part in the offensive, which began a week ago. Tampa Tribune

Tim Kaine: Election Not Over, Been A 'Season Of Surprises'
Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) is channeling Yogi Berra: the election ain't over 'til it's over. The Democratic vice presidential nominee appeared exclusively on NBC News' "Meet the Press", where he said he and Hillary Clinton aren't "taking anything for granted" despite opening up a wide lead over Donald Trump in recent polling. "It's been a season of surprises," Kaine told moderator Chuck Todd. "We're going to hammer to do everything we can before the polls close on the evening of November 8th." One of the surprises, of course, has been the WikiLeaks hack of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's emails. Kaine criticized the hack, saying it was "connected to a Russian government propaganda effort to destabilize the election" but still did not verify any of the emails' authenticity. MSNBC


Mark Zuckerberg Had To Fend Off Facebook Staff Over Censoring Donald Trump
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to fend off employees during the U.S. presidential campaign who wanted to censor billionaire Donald Trump’s posts due to alleged hate speech. Controversial statements by Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign in December forced Mr. Zuckerberg to quash a mini-mutiny of staffers who threatened to quit if they could not delete the candidate’s posts. Sources close to the matter told The Wall Street Journal on that some of the comments in question involved a plan to ban Muslim immigrants while the U.S. determines how to best combat the Islamic State group. A Facebook spokeswoman did not address the specifics of the newspaper’s story, but did speak on the guidelines used to moderate posts, saying the “context” of a quote is considered before posts are removed. Washington Times

TPP By Another Name? Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton Open To Asian Trade Deal
He stressed that they still oppose the massive TransPacific Partnership, but Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine signaled Sunday that he and Hillary Clinton will be open to the concept of a major Asian trade agreement if they win the Nov. 8 election. Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mr. Kaine said there have been no specific discussions about a replacement for TPP, but he said they’ll “never close the door” on any large-scale trade deals. “Hillary and I haven’t talked about that question directly … But look, we aren’t against trade. We want to find export markets for American businesses,” the Virginia Democrat said. “If we can find deals that meet those goals — more jobs, higher wages, and good for national security, and good enforcement provisions — we’re open to them. You never close the door if you can get a deal that’s good for American workers and our economy.” Washington Times

Clinton Leads In Florida, Trump Narrowly Leads In Texas - CBS Battleground Tracker
Hillary Clinton holds a three-point lead over Donald Trump in Florida, while in Texas – a state that has voted Republican by wide margins in recent years – Trump leads by a mere three points. The poll numbers show voters’ frustration about the dialogue in the race – and what may amount to a wasted opportunity for both. Sixty-nine percent feel Donald Trump is talking about things that he, himself cares about, while fewer, 46 percent say he’s talking about issues they care about. Clinton has much the same gap. And on one of those big topics Trump is talking about of late, Republicans in both places overwhelmingly echo Trump’s own expressed doubts about the validity of the election. They back him on the suggestion – raised at the debate this week and elsewhere – that he might not accept the outcome. More than eight in ten Florida and Texas Republicans and believe that fraud is widespread, and more than eight in ten of those who say there is fraud believe that without it, Donald Trump would win the presidency. So in total, 72 percent of all Florida Republicans believe Trump would win in November were it not for fraud. CBS

South Korea's Leader Proposes Revising Presidential System
South Korea's president on Monday proposed revising the country's constitution, which limits leaders to a single five-year term. Critics immediately called it an attempt to divert attention from corruption scandals involving her associates. President Park Geun-hye's office said there was no possibility that she would use the constitutional amendment to extend her rule or run for office again. Park pledged during her presidential campaign four years ago to try to change the system. South Korea adopted the current system in 1987, ending decades of military-backed dictatorships, including one by Park's father, Park Chung-hee. Under the current system, a president is barred by law from seeking a second term. Park's five-year term ends in early 2018. Tampa Tribune

U.S.-Led Coalition Denies Bombing Iraqi Mosque
The U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State on Monday said it had determined that it was not responsible for an airstrike on a mosque that killed more than a dozen civilians during the battle for Mosul. Col. John Dorrian, a spokesman for the U.S. military, said the coalition informed the Iraqi government of its findings and said Iraqi authorities were conducting an investigation, according to the Associated Press. “The Coalition uses precision munitions and an exhaustive process to reduce the possibility of civilian casualties and collateral damage because the preservation of civilian life is (of) paramount importance to us,” Dorrian said. USA Today

Secret Service Tries To Boost Its Ranks Amid Unrelenting Demands
Rasha Alhnaity arrived here earlier this month  at a regional gathering of federal law enforcement applicants with some of the most-prized credentials of any of the nearly 150 candidates all pursuing the same thing: a place in the ranks of the U.S. Secret Service. The 34-year-old data analyst holds masters' degrees in both business and health care administration. She is fluent in Arabic, and if there are any questions about her physical conditioning, agency officials need only scan the YouTube catalog of international martial arts events where she has competed as a fourth-degree black belt. "I've been doing my homework,'' she said, anxiously waiting for the verdict after a first round of interviews. "I've worked very hard to pursue this life.'' Yet for every candidate approaching Alhnaity's clearly impressive qualifications, thousands of others seeking positions as agents and uniformed officers have been washing out of the Secret Service's most ambitious recruiting campaign in more than a decade during a period when the agency has faced unprecedented demands as it tries to emerge from controversies that have dogged it in recent years. USA Today

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GOP Chairman Defends Trump On Claims Of “Rigged” Election
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus defended GOP nominee Donald Trump’s right to say he has doubts about the validity of the election, adding that it is okay for the candidate to “reserve all options” come Election Day. “What he’s saying is he wants to reserve all options and if there is grounds for a recount I will exercise my options,” Priebus said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “...If it’s a close election -- look, if you lose by 200 votes in Florida are you going to concede on election night if you’re at 260 electoral votes?” Priebus asked. During the third presidential debate in Las Vegas last week, Trump was asked whether he was ready to accept the results of the election, whoever wins. He replied: “I will look at it at the time.” The following day, he said he would “totally” accept the results of the election—“if I win,” he added. CBS

No Joke: 40 Percent Of Americans Say Neither Trump Nor Clinton Is Funny
Aside from the qualifications and policy proposals of the two major-party presidential nominees, Americans say it's important that the country's next president has a sense of humor. But 40 percent said neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton is funny. The two candidates took turns making jokes and jabbing at each other at Thursday's Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner in New York City, a tradition for presidential candidates every four years, although this year's event had an edgier tone. ABC News partnered with SSRS survey research firm to ask Americans how important it is for the next president to have a sense of humor. Seventy-four percent said it is somewhat to very important for the president to have a sense of humor, with 55 percent saying it is somewhat important, and 19 percent very important. Only 7 percent said it's not at all important for a president to have a sense of humor. ABC

Big-City Money, Hunters Clash Over Gun Background Checks In Maine
A national big money campaign to expand background checks one state at a time is revealing tensions among hunters and law enforcement in Maine about just how far the government should go to keep firearms from falling into the wrong hands. It’s on track to be one of Maine’s most costly ballot campaigns ever, with both sides touting their credentials and decrying the influence of powerful special interest groups. In Maine alone, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun safety nonprofit has contributed $3.7 million, while the National Rifle Association’s nonprofit advocacy arm has ponied up about $420,000. Boston Globe

Obama Presses Campaign To Elevate Clinton To White House
President Barack Obama is stepping up the pace of his campaign to boost Hillary Clinton for president while pushing the efforts to restore Democratic control of the Senate. Getting into the Las Vegas spirit Sunday night, Obama told Nevadans they have a winning hand in Clinton and Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. "You've got black jack," Obama told a crowd of 3,000 boisterous supporters packed into a local high school, while another 2,100 were in an exterior courtyard. Atlanta Journal

Why The Justice Dept. Will Have Far Fewer Watchdogs In Polling Places
For the first time since the days of poll taxes and literacy tests a half-century ago, the Justice Department will be sharply restricted in how it can deploy some of its most powerful weapons to deter voter intimidation in the presidential election. Because of a Supreme Court ruling three years ago, the department will send special election observers inside polling places in parts of only four states on Election Day, a significant drop from 2012, when it sent observers to jurisdictions in 13 states. NY Times

Emails Show Clinton Campaign Attention To Black Voters
Hacked emails from the personal account of Hillary Clinton's top campaign official show some of the attention her team paid to courting black voters. There were worries about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' appeal to that historically Democratic voter group. There was angst over whether Clinton should give a speech on race relations. Meanwhile, a South Carolina Democratic Party official voiced concerns that Clinton hadn't visited a particular region of the state. The emails were among hundreds released Saturday by WikiLeaks. The notes were stolen from the email account of John Podesta, the Clinton campaign's chairman, as part of a series of high-profile computer hacks of Democratic targets that U.S. intelligence officials say were orchestrated by Russia, with the intent to influence the Nov. 8 election. ABC


Idle Workers, Inevitable Cuts: Ministers Grade The Saudi Economy
Saudis who switched on a popular talk show last week to listen to officials explain why state employees had their take-home pay cut were in for a shock. Within minutes of the start of MBC1’s “Al Thamena” program, viewers were told that the public sector was bloated. Civil Service Minister Khalid Al-Araj said state workers were productive for no more than an hour a day, but see their jobs as a right. Mohammad Al Tuwaijri, the deputy economy minister, said without the recent austerity measures, the kingdom would have gone bankrupt in three to four years. “Our reliance on oil is a pure dependence,” Al Tuwaijri told the show’s host, Dawood Al Sharyan. “Economic diversification is basically non-existent.” Bloomberg

Saudi Stocks Spurred By Record Bond Sale Lead Gains Across Gulf
Saudi Arabian stocks led gains across most Gulf equities, rising for a third day on optimism the kingdom will repay companies after it raised a record $17.5 billion from its debut international bond sale. The Tadawul All Share Index added 1.6 percent on Sunday in Riyadh to close at 5,739.92, the highest level in a month. Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Co. was the most-traded stock after it posted an increase in quarterly profit for the first time in a year. Dubai’s DFM General Index added 0.5 percent. Bloomberg

Obama Coming To Nevada Aiming To Boost Democrats’ Prospects
President Barack Obama was looking to boost Hillary Clinton's prospects and help Democrats in their bid to retake Senate control, scheduling a campaign stop Sunday in tightly contested Nevada before headlining party fundraisers in California. Obama's recent itinerary has focused on competitive White House states that also have close Senate races. In Nevada, the president is trying to help Democrats retain the seat of the Senate's top Democrat, Harry Reid, who is serving out his fifth term before retiring. The president was scheduled to speak at a rally at a Las Vegas-area high school for Clinton and Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, a former state attorney general whose opponent is GOP Rep. Joe Heck. Las Vegas Sun

Obama Campaigns In Nevada, Visits California
President Barack Obama is stepping up the pace of his campaign to boost Hillary Clinton as his successor while pushing as well for Democrats to retake the Senate, visiting tightly contested Nevada before headlining party fundraisers Monday in California. Getting into the Las Vegas spirit Sunday night, Obama told Nevadans they have a winning hand in Clinton and Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. "You've got black jack," Obama told a crowd of 3,000 boisterous supporters packed into a local high school, while another 2,100 were in an exterior courtyard. Obama was unsparing in his criticism of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, describing the billionaire businessman as unfit to serve as president. Obama said that for years, Republican politicians and far right media outlets have served up "all kinds of crazy stuff" about him, Clinton and Sen. Harry Reid, the Nevadan who leads Senate Democrats. Obama cited as an example those who questioned whether he was born in the U.S. and others who argued that he aimed to take away everybody's guns. Houston Chronicle

Bank Places 100 'Lucky Pennies' Across US Worth $1,000 Each
Stopping to pick up a stray penny off the ground may not seem worth the effort, yet one bank is trying to change that mindset by placing 100 fake pennies across the country worth $1,000 apiece. Ally Bank says it is hoping to encourage Americans to look for opportunities to save through its "Lucky Penny" promotion, which launched this week. The lucky pennies carry a copper color like real pennies, but feature the Detroit-based bank's logo instead of Abraham Lincoln's head. The flip side of the coin lists its value at 100,000 cents. The pennies have been placed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, Denver, Detroit, San Diego, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas. The coins can be redeemed online until the end of the year. Houston Chronicle

Hillary Clinton Pushes For Student Vote At UNC Charlotte Rally
Staking her hopes of carrying North Carolina partly on college students, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke Sunday at an outdoor rally at UNC Charlotte and will return to the state Thursday to appear with Michelle Obama at Wake Forest University. Besides the first lady, who is popular with young female voters, the Clinton campaign will bring Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. – another Clinton surrogate who’s a hit with millennials – to North Carolina to campaign in the university-rich Triangle on Tuesday. On Sunday, speaking to 3,200 people at UNC Charlotte, Clinton touted her plan to make college tuition-free for students from families earning less than $125,000. That was a concession she made to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who supported that plan when he ran against Clinton in the Democratic primary. Charlotte Observer

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Vice Presidential Nominee Shrugs Off Threat By WikiLeaks
Tim Kaine is shrugging off any possibility that he could be embarrassed by the release of hacked emails. WikiLeaks, which has been posting stolen emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta, has twice taunted the Democratic vice presidential candidate that he's in for a "surprise." U.S. intelligence officials say the leaked Podesta emails are part of a series of high-profile computer hacks of Democratic targets orchestrated by the Russian government. In an interview with The Associated Press on Saturday in Boston, Kaine said he's a "regular human being" and he has nothing to be "overly embarrassed about." Kaine, whose affable nature has led to numerous internet dad jokes since he was tapped by Clinton to be her running mate, said it's not his style to write nasty emails that could come back and haunt him. Las Vegas Sun

International Space Station Grabs Cargo Craft
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station successfully used a robotic arm to grab the Cygnus spacecraft with 5,100 pounds of supplies and research equipment Sunday. NASA's Kate Rubins and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Takuya Onishi snagged the Cygnus craft at 7:28 a.m. Sunday. with the Canadarm2. At 10:53 a.m., the cargo craft, built by aerospace company Orbital ATK, was attached to the bottom of the space station's Unity module. UPI

Airstrikes Begin As Ceasefire Expires In Yemen
Airstrikes began anew in Yemen shortly after a 72-hour ceasefire expired. No casualties have been reported so far from the bombings, which rocked the rebel-held capital of Sanaa. The airstrikes targeted military rebel facilities in the northern and eastern parts of the city, Sky News reported. The bombings began again despite pleas for an extension from the U.N. envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed. "The ceasefire was largely holding despite reported violations from both sides in several areas," the special envoy said. "We noted over the last days that food and humanitarian supplies were provided to several affected neighborhoods and that U.N. personnel were able to reach areas that were previously inaccessible. We would like to build on this and we aim for a wider outreach in the next few days." UPI

In Pennsylvania, Republican Senate Candidate Tries To Save His Seat By Keeping Trump At A Distance
Donald Trump was down in Gettysburg, in southern Pennsylvania, eclipsing his own speech about his first 100 days as president with a blustery vow to sue women who have lodged complaints against him of sexual assaults. Sen. Patrick J. Toomey was as far away as a top-of-the-ticket mate could be, physically and psychically. The incumbent Republican from Pennsylvania spent part of Saturday in the state’s coal country to the north. He quietly greeted a handful of supporters and a few local reporters in a restaurant that had closed for the event, and held a baby named Reagan — after the president. A prominent feature behind the bar of the restaurant, in a restored bank building, was the giant old vault, something of a metaphor for the campaign Toomey is waging for reelection, locked away as best he can, removed from the chaotic man who heads his party’s ticket. San Diego Union

Hezbollah To Stay In Syria Until 'Apostate Project' Defeated
Fighting returned to Syria's Aleppo Sunday after a cease-fire to allow rebels and civilians to leave the city's besieged eastern districts expired with no evacuations. As rebels and pro-government forces battled in the contested city's southern countryside, a pro-opposition media outlet circulated footage of a powerful and hard-line Islamist rebel coalition announcing that the campaign to break the government's siege of the city's east would begin "within hours." Jaish al-Fatah commander Ali Abu Adi al-Aloush told the Qasioun News Agency that "zero hour has drawn near," and that militants and kamikaze fighters had begun moving toward Aleppo. It was unclear when the interview was recorded. A second northern Syrian rebel coalition meanwhile warned civilians in Aleppo to stay away from government positions around the contested city. Kansas City Star

In Miami, Bill Clinton Tries To Explain The Whys Of The Wild Presidential Race
Four years later, Bill Clinton, now 70, is a little hoarser, a little skinnier and a little mellower. But he’s still, as President Barack Obama put it in 2012, explaining stuff. Sunday in South Florida, making three announced stops to campaign for his wife, Clinton provided his account of how the presidential race got here. “The anger is being fueled in America by people whose dreams have been dashed: ‘I can’t do anything to make it better, so I’m going to be mad,’” he told more than a thousand people worshiping at the New Birth Baptist Church near Opa-locka. “And, look, I’m a white southerner. I know what ‘Make America Great Again’ means. Miami Herald

Coke And Pepsi Are Finally Ditching Sugar
This past week we learned that PepsiCo is finally turning against sugar. But the soda giant's sudden interest in nutrition is not as unexpected as it seems. On Monday, PepsiCo announced that by 2025, two thirds of its drinks will have 100 calories or fewer from added sugar, per 12 oz serving. Currently, these types if sugary beverages make up 40% of PepsiCo's drinks. While the news may seem like a shocking move for a soda company, it's part of a wider trend in the beverage industry, driven in large part by a need to turn around sales as soda consumption declines. In 2015, the total volume of soda consumed in the US dropped 1.2%, compared to a drop of 0.9% in 2014, according to Beverage Digest's annual report. The amount of Coca-Cola consumed by Americans dropped by 1% by volume, while Pepsi Cola dropped 3.2%. SF Gate

Hacked Trove Shows Clinton Aides Suggesting Email Jokes
Hacked emails from the personal account of Hillary Clinton's top campaign official show her aides considered inserting jokes about her private email server into her speeches at several events — and at least one joke made it into her remarks. "I love it," she told a dinner in Iowa on August 14, 2015, noting she had opened an online account with Snapchat, which deletes posts automatically. "Those messages disappear all by themselves." The crack scored a laugh from the audience, but the issue was plenty serious. About a month earlier, news broke of an FBI investigation into whether some of the emails that passed through Clinton's unsecured server contained classified information. Ultimately, the agency criticized Clinton for being reckless with classified information but declined to prosecute her. SF Gate

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Jewish Americans Have A Moral Imperative To Oppose Trump, Bill Clinton Says
American political battle has gone so low and become so ruthless, Bill Clinton now longs for the days when they more closely resembled famously fevered Israeli debates, the former president told a Jewish Center in Florida on Sunday, encouraging Jewish Americans to vote against Donald Trump based on moral grounds. Speaking in Broward County, the husband of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told Jewish Americans they had an especially important role in an election in which fundamental American values— of pluralism, religious liberty and democratic republicanism— are at stake. Jerusalem Post

Liberman To Palestinian Media: The Next Gaza War Will Be The Last
In his first ever interview with Palestinian media, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman told Al-Quds that should another war break out between Israel and Hamas in Gaza it would be the last.  The full interview was set to be published on Monday. Liberman also discussed his vision for the future including a two-state solution that would feature an exchange of territory, with Israel keeping large settlement blocs. Similarly, in September, during a wide-ranging policy talk with students at Ariel University., Liberman had called for a peace deal with the Palestinians that is based on population and land swaps. Jerusalem Post

US Election 2016: We Are Behind, Says Trump Campaign
The Donald Trump campaign has admitted the Republican lags behind Hillary Clinton with just over two weeks to go before Americans cast their votes. "We are behind. She has some advantages," said his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who added: "We're not giving up. We know we can win this." On Friday, Mr Trump made a rare admission that he could lose. New polls suggest Mrs Clinton remains well ahead nationally and in several battleground states. Her campaign has predicted this is going to be "the biggest election in American history". Campaign manager Robbie Mook told Fox News Sunday: "More people are going to turn out than ever before." BBC

US To Examine AT&T Deal To Buy Time Warner
US lawmakers and both presidential candidates have raised questions about AT&T's deal to buy Time Warner. The US telecoms giant, already the country's third largest cable provider, is paying $85.4bn (£70bn) for the company, which owns CNN and HBO. A Senate subcommittee responsible for competition will hold a hearing in November. However AT&T's chief executive Randall Stephenson believes regulators will approve the deal. Senator Mike Lee, the Republican who chairs the antitrust subcommittee, said the deal would "potentially raise significant antitrust issues, which the subcommittee would carefully examine". BBC

Clinton Makes Republican Nominee Her Trump Card In Push To Retake Congress
With just over two weeks until Election Day, Hillary Clinton is turning her attention to the congressional majorities that would bolster her agenda as president.
Campaigning in the battleground state of Pennsylvania on Saturday, with running mate Tim Kaine in tow, Clinton dedicated a significant portion of her speech to attacking someone other than Donald Trump. The Democratic nominee laid into Pat Toomey, a Republican senator who has declined to say if he will vote for his party’s nominee on 8 November. “He still refuses to stand up to Donald Trump,” Clinton told a crowd of roughly 1,800 in Pittsburgh. “A lot of Republicans have. They have had the grit and the guts to stand up and say, ‘He doesn’t represent me.’” Guardian

Despite A Wall Of Worry, Now Is The Time For Investors To Scale Up
That proverbial wall of worry? With the election approaching, the Federal Reserve keeping investors on edge and the stock market emerging (possibly) from an earnings recession, it seems to be getting taller every day. Can stock market investors scale it? Will they even be willing to make the attempt? If you listen to at least one group of investment pundits, they should. Armageddon is not on the horizon, the argument goes, and we should all be taking advantage of this uncertainty to load up on US stocks. Not that many people are thinking that way. “You’d have more investor interest in a water purification plant in Botswana than in the Standard & Poor’s 500,” said Richard Bernstein, CEO and chief investment officer of Richard Bernstein Advisors, at a luncheon held in New York by Eaton Vance Investment Managers. Guardian

Afghanistan: Improving Ways To Settle Water Disputes Key To Economic Growth, Avoiding Conflict – New UN Report
The demand for water to support agricultural development in conflict-plagued Afghanistan often results in high-stakes water disputes, according to a new United Nations report released today, which underscores the need for more effective and transparent means of resolving the differences. “As this report clearly outlines, the stakes involved in water disputes are high,” said the Secretary-General's Special Representative for the country, Tadamichi Yamamoto, in a news release. “Resolving these disputes peacefully is of critical importance,” added Mr. Yamamoto, who also heads the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). UN News

Head Of UN Peacekeeping Mission In South Sudan To Step Down In November
The head of the United Nations peacekeeping operation in South Sudan, Ellen Margrethe Løj, has informed Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that she will be stepping down at the end of November after more than two years of leading the Mission. Ms. Løj was appointed by the Secretary-General as his Special Representative and head of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in July 2014 and assumed her duties in Juba in September 2014. “Although the road ahead will be challenging, I remain hopeful that peace will prevail and that this young nation will finally live out its great promise. I look forward to the day where the girls and boys of South Sudan will never know the trauma of war again and will be able to actualize their full potential,” Ms. Løj said in a statement released today by the Mission. UN News

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