New Orleans A 'Magnet' For Illegal Immigrants
Louisiana’s chief legal officer blasted leaders of the state's biggest city Tuesday on Capitol Hill, saying New Orleans' insistence on being a so-called “sanctuary city” serves as a "magnet" for illegal immigrants and contributes to crime and rising taxes. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said he believed New Orleans’ policies were not in compliance with federal law and somewhat rhetorically asked members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security why “being in the United States illegally” was “not a deportable offense.” “All that does is lead to those people committing additional crimes and thinking it’s okay to break the law,” Landry said. Fox News

ISIS 'Dead Set' On Using Chemical Weapons, US Military Official Says
A Pentagon spokesman said Monday that Islamic State militants are “dead set” on using chemical weapons and will likely try to use them against Iraqi forces as they prepare its siege on Mosul. ISIS fighters are believed to have attacked U.S. and Iraqi forces last week, a U.S. official told Fox News. Tests showed that initial reports of a "mustard agent" turning up on the rocket were incorrect, military officials said Tuesday. No one was hurt in the attack. According to Reuters, the U.S.-led coalition conducted an air strike on an ISIS chemical weapons factory Friday near Qayyara, the second attack on such a facility this month. Fox News

Day After Debate, Clinton Gloats And Trump Fumes
As soon as the first debate of the 2016 presidential election was over, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were quick to claim victory. But by the next morning, one of them had become far less cheerful. Just hours after Clinton and Trump clashed on stage at Hofstra University in one of the most highly anticipated political events in modern history, the two presidential nominees took markedly different tones as they reflected on the previous night's debate. Clinton and her aides showed all of the outward signs of a team riding high. CNN

Shimon Peres, Ex-Israeli President And PM, Dies At 93
Shimon Peres, a former Israeli president and prime minister, whose life story mirrored that of the Jewish state and who was celebrated around the world as a Nobel prize-winning visionary who pushed his country toward peace, died early Wednesday. He was 93. His son, Chemi, confirmed his death Wednesday morning to reporters gathered at the hospital where Shimon Peres had been treated for the past two weeks. Peres' condition worsened following a major stroke two weeks ago that led to bleeding in his brain. He was sedated and on a respirator during most of his hospitalization. Philadelphia Inquirer

Navy Investigates Sailor Who Didn't Salute National Anthem
The Navy has investigated the case of a sailor who didn't salute as the national anthem played during a recent morning flag-raising at Pearl Harbor. U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Senior Chief Petty Officer Joel Cesar said Tuesday it's up to the sailor's commander whether she faces any punishment for not saluting on Sept. 19. The sailor is Petty Officer 2nd Class Janaye Ervin, an intelligence specialist in the Navy Reserve. She was recently in Hawaii for about two weeks for an exercise. Philadelphia Inquirer

Protests Break Out In CaliforniaAfter Police Fatally Shoot Black Man
A black man reportedly acting erratically at a strip mall in suburban San Diego was shot and killed by police after pulling an object from his pocket, pointing it at officers and assuming a “shooting stance,” authorities said. One of the officers tried and failed to subdue the unidentified man with a stun gun before the other officer fired several times, El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said at a late night news conference. Davis would not say what the object was, but acknowledged it was not a weapon. Before police announced the death, dozens of protesters gathered at the shooting scene, with some claiming the man was shot with his hands raised. Police disputed that and produced a frame from cell phone video taken by a witness at the scene that appeared to show the man in the “shooting stance” as two officers approached with guns drawn. NY Post

Debate Breaks Record As Most-Watched In U.S. History
More than 80 million people tuned in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off, setting a new record in the sixty year history of televised presidential debates.
The final numbers are still being tallied by Nielsen. But the debate averaged a total of 80.9 million viewers across 12 of the channels that carried it live. Nielsen traditionally measures viewers who watch via traditional TV at home. That means people who watched the debate at parties, bars, restaurants, and offices were not counted. Nor does the 80.9 million viewer total include PBS and C-SPAN. Ratings for PBS will be available later Tuesday. CNN


'Son Of Hamas': When Obama Says 'Islam Is A Religion Of Peace,' He Sets Climate For 'More Terrorism'
The son of one of the founders of the terrorist group Hamas, who broke from Hamas, helped the Israelis, and converted to Christianity, said the major radical Islamic groups are "killing by the name of Allah," and that when President Barack Obama claims "Islam is a religion of peace," he sets the "perfect climate to create more terrorism." "When the president of the free world stands and says that Islam is a religion of peace, he creates the climate, he provides the climate, the perfect climate to create more terrorism," said Mosab Hassan Yousef at The Jerusalem Post's Annual Conference in New York City on May 22. "I wish I could be more gentle to present this issue. But I've seen death and I came from hell and it's very dark." CNS News

Trump: ‘I Will Release My Tax Returns … When She Releases Her 33,000 E-Mails That Have Been Deleted’
In the first presidential debate of 2016, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said Monday night that he will release his taxes when Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton releases the e-mails that were deleted from her private server. “The IRS says an audit of your taxes – you’re perfectly free to release your taxes during an audit, and so the question, does the public’s right to know outweigh your personal…” NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt asked Trump during the debate at Hofstra University in New York. CNS News

'Bridgegate' Witness Says Governor Christie Backed Lane Closures
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was aware of and supported a plan to close lanes at the George Washington Bridge in 2013 in an act of political payback, a key prosecution witness testified Tuesday at the criminal trial of two former Christie associates. David Wildstein, a former executive at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, told jurors in Newark federal court that he and Bill Baroni, another Port Authority executive, discussed the lane closure with Christie before a memorial service marking the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks at the World Trade Center. The testimony marked the first time federal prosecutors have presented specific evidence to back their contention that the Republican governor knew about the scandal that New York's tabloids christened "Bridgegate" as it unfolded, despite his repeated denials. Reuters

UN Says US Should Give African-Americans Reparations For Slavery
The United States should give African-Americans reparations for slavery, UN experts said Tuesday, warning that the country had not yet confronted its legacy of “racial terrorism.” Amid a presidential election campaign in which racial rhetoric has played a central role, the UN working group on people of African descent warned that blacks in the United States are facing a “human rights crisis.” This has largely been fueled by impunity for police officers who have killed a series of black men — many of them unarmed — across the country in recent months, the working group’s report said. NY Post

Tie-Up Of World's Biggest Beer Makers Clears Final Hurdle
A deal worth over $100 billion to combine the world's two biggest beer companies cleared its last major hurdle Wednesday when the shareholders of SABMiller approved the takeover by Budweiser maker Anheuser-Busch Inbev. SABMiller shareholders approved the 79 billion pound ($103 billion) deal despite opposition from some investors who saw their share of the payout shrink when the pound plunged following Britain's vote to the leave the European Union. AB InBev shareholders also backed the transaction. Tampa Tribune

NAACP Head Says Shooting Victim's History Doesn't Matter
A restraining order filed against a North Carolina man killed by police last week shouldn't matter because officers who confronted him didn't know about that history before he was shot to death, a civil rights leader said. Corine Mack, president of the local NAACP chapter, said blacks typically are "demonized" after being killed by police. "I don't want to hear any of that," Mack said at a news conference Tuesday announcing demands that include implementation of police reforms approved last year. Court documents say Keith Lamont Scott had a restraining order filed against him a year ago when he threatened to kill his wife and her son with a gun. Keith Scott's wife filed the order Oct. 5, that law enforcement officers who encounter him should be aware that he "carries a 9mm black" gun. Police have said Scott had a handgun when they approached him at an apartment complex last week. Tampa Tribune

Charlotte Protesters Demand Mayor's Resignation Over Black Man's Slaying
Dozens of protesters took their fight for racial equality in policing to the heart of Charlotte's power structure on Monday, demanding the resignations of the mayor, police chief, and lawmakers in the wake of the police slaying of a black man. Residents and activists, many of whom have participated in street demonstrations every day since the death of Keith Scott on Tuesday, spoke at a packed city council meeting of frustrations with racial discrimination in the North Carolina city of about 792,800 residents. Many speakers said city officials were responsible for ensuring police officers treat everyone fairly, and called on Mayor Jennifer Roberts, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney, and members of the city council to resign. Reuters


Joe Biden Wants To Know 'What In The Hell' Trump Is Talking About
Vice President Joe Biden returned to the campaign trail for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton Tuesday with nothing but scorn for her Republican rival Donald Trump. In front of a young crowd at Drexel University, Biden excoriated Trump for two comments in particular from the first presidential debate Monday: one on taxes and the other on the housing burst of 2008. "He acknowledged that he didn't pay taxes because he said ... because he's smart; makes him smart," Biden said, referring to an interjection Trump made when Clinton suggested he possibly did not pay federal taxes. MSNBC

Tyson Recalls 132,000 Pounds Of Chicken Nuggets Due To Hard Plastic Contamination
Tyson is recalling approximately 132,520 pounds of fully cooked chicken nugget products due to hard plastic contamination. Tyson Foods has recalled more than 130,000 pounds of precooked chicken nuggets due to a concern that the product may be "contaminated with hard plastic," the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Tuesday. Tyson Foods said the recall is the result of customers who discovered plastic material of around 21 millimeters in length and 6.5 millimeters in diameter that probably came from a round, hard plastic rod used in the manufacturing process. There have been no confirmed reports of injuries or adverse reactions, according to the FSIS notice. MSNBC

Homegrown Terrorists To Target Concerts, Sporting Events, DHS Warns
U.S.-based terrorists are likely focused on mass killings at festivals, concerts, sporting events and other outdoor events, says a confidential report by the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence and analysis branch. The Sept. 23 warning was issued in the wake of a string of bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey for which an Afghan-born Muslim, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was apprehended in a gun fight. The report says the “most likely tactics” would involve “edged weapons, small arms, vehicle assaults and possibly IEDs [improvised explosive devices], said the report, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times. Washington Times

Tropical Storm Matthew On Deck, Could Aim Toward Florida, U.S.
It's early yet, and there's still uncertainty, but there is the possibility that the Atlantic weather disturbance expected to soon become Tropical Storm Matthew could gather steam in the Caribbean Sea and hook north toward Florida, forecasters say. That was just one possible outcome of the tropical wave, a cluster of storms still known Tuesday afternoon as 97L. The system, about 300 miles east of Barbados, was rolling westward across the Atlantic Ocean toward the Caribbean Sea at a clip of about 15 to 20 mph on Tuesday. It was expected to become either a tropical depression or a tropical storm Tuesday night or Wednesday, and move through the southeastern Caribbean Sea late Wednesday and Thursday, according to the Miami-based National Hurricane Center. Sun Sentinel

Wells Fargo Claws $41M From CEO
Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf has agreed to give up $41 million in unvested stock awards following the board of directors' investigation into the bank's sales practices, the company said Tuesday. Additionally, Carrie Tolstedt, Wells Fargo's former head of community banking, will forego all her unvested equity stock awards valued at $19 million and will not receive retirement benefits worth millions more. Tolstedt was responsible for the division during the time employees allegedly created sham accounts to meet sales targets. She has announced she will retire at the end of year. Neither Tolstedt nor Stumpf will receive 2016 bonuses, the company said. USA Today

Trump Says He Was 'Holding Back' In Debate With Clinton
Republican nominee for president Donald Trump told a fired-up crowd in Melbourne that he has the momentum for victory after what he said was a strong win in Monday's debate against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump said he won the debate, even though "I was holding back. I didn't want to embarrass her." But Trump wasn't holding back during his hour-long speech Tuesday evening at the AeroMod International hangar at Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Clinton "is as crooked as they come," Trump said, and everything she did "turned out bad." USA Today

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Postal Service Unwittingly Fuels Opioid Epidemic By Delivering Foreign Drugs Right To U.S. Doorsteps
The new drug mules aren’t gang members or down-and-out ex-cons or even children trying to make a quick buck. In fact, the latest players in drug trafficking often wear a uniform, drive a government car and are due to collect a taxpayer-backed pension when they retire — from the U.S. Postal Service. Authorities say that the ongoing opioid epidemic is being fueled by the mail, tracing paths from India or China right to Americans’ doorsteps. “It comes from our postal system and their postal system into the United States. Unbelievable — the poison is coming in the mail to our communities,” said Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican, in a recent floor speech. Washington Times

Mike Pence Downplays Donald Trump's "Smart" Strategy To Avoid Paying Taxes
Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence on Tuesday rejected the idea that Donald Trump confirmed at the first general election debate the previous night that he hasn’t paid federal income taxes. In an interview with “CBS This Morning,” the Indiana governor was asked if the GOP presidential nominee confirmed that possibility during the debate at Hofstra University. “Oh no, gosh, no,” Pence said. “He said afterward that he’s paid federal taxes.” CBS

Donald Trump’s Georgia Chief Resigns After His Criminal Record Was Revealed
Donald Trump’s Georgia campaign director stepped down Tuesday after he was confronted with a report by Channel 2 Action News revealing his past criminal record.
Court records obtained by the network show Brandon Phillips pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing charges in 2008 after he admitted he destroyed a laptop and slashed another person’s tires in Bibb County. He was sentenced under first offender status to three years on probation and ordered to pay $1,500 in restitution. He also was arrested in Atlanta later that year after an altercation with a neighbor at his townhome complex that authorities say involved a gun. He completed a pretrial diversion program. Atlanta Journal

Senate Democrats Call For Vote On Student Loan Bill
The fall session of Congress has begun, with three Democrats using the opportunity to push, again, for a bill to provide student loan relief for those in large amounts of debt. On Wednesday, the three senators spoke to college reporters, answering questions on their proposed reforms, still held in committee. The first bill - the In the Red Act - was written by Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin and Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. It would help those with student loans to refinance them into more manageable debt and also provide more Pell grants to students. These provide free financial aid that students do not have to repay. Currently, these different goals are included in a single bill. Baldwin has stated that if there was too much opposition to a comprehensive bill, the various components could be split into stand-alone pieces of legislation. Atlanta Journal

Pope Francis Condemns Syria Bombing
Pope Francis has decried the assault on the Syrian city of Aleppo, saying those responsible for the bombing must answer to God. Francis said at his public audience Wednesday in St. Peter's Square that he's "united in suffering through prayer and spiritual closeness" to Aleppo's people. He expressed "deep pain and strong worry for what's happening," saying "children and elderly ... everyone is dying." He called for utmost efforts to protect civilians in Syria's civil war, raging since 2011. Francis said: "I appeal to the consciences of those responsible for the bombing that they must give a reckoning to God" for their actions. The Syrian government and its Russian allies have unleashed a major assault on the ancient city. Houston Chronicle

Under-21 Exotic Dancers Sue Louisiana For Right To Bear Breasts And Butts
Jane Does I, II and III say the state of Louisiana is robbing them of their ability to express themselves, and doing so in a way that discriminates against their gender.
These women are exotic dancers younger than 21, and therefore will be barred from performing in strip clubs in about a week, Louisiana begins enforcing a new state law. In a federal lawsuit, the dancers say the law violates the First Amendment by denying them freedom of expression, and violates the Constitution’s equal protection clause by unfairly targeting women. CBS


Some Smoked Salmon Products Recalled Over Listeria Fears
The New York-based Mt. Kisco Smokehouse has announced a voluntary recall of two types of smoked salmon products over concerns they could be contaminated with Listeria bacteria. The products were distributed in New York and Connecticut between Sept. 6 and Sept. 16, according to a company statement released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday. No illnesses have been reported in connection to the recalled products. Hernan Hurtado, vice president of Mt. Kisco Smokehouse, told ABC News today that the bacteria was found in a drain and floor cracks during a routine inspection by the FDA. ABC

Tim Kaine Says Donald Trump Told 'Whoppers' In First Debate, Still Has To Answer For 'Birther' Controversy
Hillary Clinton's running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, said Clinton showed her fitness to be commander in chief in Monday night's presidential debate while her opponent, Donald Trump, "told some whoppers." "Hillary offered details and Donald didn’t. Hillary answered questions and Donald avoided them. Hillary told the truth and Donald told some whoppers," Kaine said today on "Good Morning America." "He just seemed rattled the longer the debate wore on. "I think it really showed her off as prepared to be commander in chief and president," Kaine said of the 90-minute debate held at Hofstra University in New York. ABC

Ahmadinejad Abandons Presidential Hopes On Khamenei’s Advice
Iran’s former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won’t try to get his old job back in next year’s election after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei advised him such a move would “polarize” the country. In a letter addressed to Khamenei, Ahmadinejad pledged to take the advice Iran’s top authority gave him in an Aug. 30 meeting, according to a copy of the letter published by the semi-official Tasnim news agency. Khamenei “explained that for this round, there is no benefit to my taking part in the elections and I announce my adherence to this,” Ahmadinejad said in the letter. Bloomberg

Yellen Likely To Face Questions About Wells Fargo
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who has been in the hot seat over the central bank's interest-rate policy, now has another headache: Wells Fargo. Yellen is likely to face sharp questions from a House committee Wednesday over whether federal banking regulators fell down on the job by not detecting practices at Wells Fargo that allegedly had the nation's second largest bank opening millions of accounts without customers' permission. Yellen is scheduled to testify before the House Financial Services Committee on the Fed's responsibilities to supervise the nation's largest banks. Earlier this month, U.S. and California regulators fined Wells Fargo $185 million. They charged that bank employees opened unauthorized accounts and signed up customers for online banking, debit cards and other services without their knowledge in an effort to meet aggressive sales targets. Houston Chronicle

5 Jihadi Suspects Arrested In Spain, Belgium, Germany
Police in Spain, Belgium and Germany on Wednesday arrested five people suspected of forming a cell that spread propaganda and sought to recruit militants for the Islamic State armed group, officials said. The Spanish Interior Ministry said the cell, made up of four Spaniards and one Moroccan, posed "a grave, concrete and continued threat to security in Europe." A ministry statement said the five worked for the Islamic State group by spreading information on several internet sites, among them a Facebook page called "Islam en Espanol" (Islam in Spanish). The site, allegedly managed by two suspects arrested in Belgium and Germany, had 32,500 followers and was growing rapidly, the ministry added. Charlotte Observer

US Rights Group Says Abuse Rife In Notorious Egypt Prison
Authorities at a maximum-security prison in the Egyptian capital routinely abuse political prisoners by cramming them into packed cells, cutting off access to families and lawyers, and blocking medical treatment, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday. In a detailed report on Cairo's infamous "Scorpion" Prison that focused on several high-profile Islamists, the U.S.-based watchdog described dire conditions in bare cells without beds or even soap for the prisoners, who are being held behind a "wall of secrecy" kept in place by the Interior Ministry under almost no oversight. Charlotte Observer

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Grocery Prices Are Plunging
In Austin, Texas, Randalls slashed prices for boneless beef ribs by 40 percent, to $3.99 a pound. Not to be outdone, the H-E-B grocer down the street charged $1 a pound less. Not long ago, Albertsons advertised a deal you don’t normally see on your finer cuts of meat: “buy 1 get 1 free” specials on “USDA Choice Petite Sirloin Steak.” And what does $1 buy these days? In North Bergen, New Jersey, you could pick up a dozen eggs at Wal-Mart. OK, the price was actually $1.14. A mile away, check out Aldi, the German supermarket discounter, which can actually break the buck -- 12 eggs for 99 cents. A year ago, you would have paid, on average, three times that price. In a startling development, almost unheard of outside a recession, food prices have fallen for nine straight months in the U.S. It’s the longest streak of food deflation since 1960 -- with the exception of 2009, when the financial crisis was winding down. Analysts credit low oil and grain prices, as well as cutthroat competition from discounters. Consumers are winning out; grocery chains, not so much. Their margins and, in some cases, their stock prices, are taking a hit. Bloomberg

Pence Breaks With Trump, Says Humans Affect Climate Change
Donald Trump's running mate is breaking with the Republican nominee's claim that climate change is not the result of human activity. Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said Tuesday "there's no question" that human activity affects both the climate and the environment. At Monday's presidential debate, Democrat Hillary Clinton challenged Trump's views, saying: "Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. I think it's real." Trump interrupted with "I did not, I do not say that." But in 2012, Trump tweeted that the "concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." He later claimed he was kidding, but he's also repeated the assertion that climate change is a hoax benefiting China. And in 2014, Trump tweeted: "Snowing in Texas and Louisiana, record setting freezing temperatures throughout the country and beyond. Global warming is an expensive hoax!" Las Vegas Sun

House Dem: GOP Leaders Refuse To Help Flint Because Of Race
A Democratic lawmaker from Flint, Michigan, says House Republican leaders are refusing to approve emergency aid for the city's water crisis because a majority of Flint residents are African-Americans. Rep. Dan Kildee said Tuesday that GOP leaders "don't see American citizens" when they look at people in Flint, where drinking water is contaminated with lead. Kildee, who is white, said "there's something about this ... poor, majority-minority community that exempts them from the kind of help that we have provided time and again to people in crisis in this country." The Senate has approved $220 million help Flint and other cities with lead contamination, but GOP leaders have refused to include the aid in a House bill. Las Vegas Sun

To Help Prevent Colon Cancer, 'Listen To Your Gut'
Sometimes following up on a gut feeling can make the difference between life and death, especially for people with colon cancer, researchers report. People who pay attention to their digestive system are more likely to notice worrisome symptoms and seek medical attention sooner, said Dr. Amit Singal and colleagues at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. And when colon cancer is caught early, it is usually easier to treat, Singal explained. "The old saying 'listen to your gut' holds true when it comes to your health. If you notice differences that persist more than a week, contact your physician," he said in a hospital news release. Singal is a gastroenterologist and an associate professor of internal medicine and clinical sciences. UPI

9 States To Vote Soon On Expanding Legal Access To Marijuana
From California, with its counterculture heritage, to the fishing ports and mill towns of Maine, millions of Americans in nine states have a chance to vote Nov. 8 on expanding legal access to marijuana. Collectively, the ballot measures amount to the closest the U.S. has come to a national referendum on the drug. Five states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — will consider legalizing the recreational use of pot. Three others — Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota — will decide whether to permit marijuana for medical purposes. Montana will weigh whether to ease restrictions on an existing medical marijuana law. As the most populous state, with a reputation for trend-setting, California is attracting the most attention — and money — in an intensifying debate over Proposition 64. Kansas City Star

Miami-Dade Will Release Zika-Positive Mosquito Trap Locations Wednesday
Miami-Dade County on Wednesday will release the locations of mosquito traps that captured Zika-positive insects in Miami Beach, the result of a public dispute between state and local officials after the Miami Herald filed a lawsuit seeking the information. The word came Tuesday evening, an hour after Gov. Rick Scott and Surgeon General Celeste Philip agreed that Miami-Dade can release the trap locations. “Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez will be releasing the locations [Wednesday] morning now that the Florida Department of Health has approved the dissemination of the information,” said Gimenez spokesman Michael Hernandez, adding that property owners at the locations will likely be notified Tuesday night or early Wednesday. Miami Herald

Clinton Campaign Urges Florida To Max Out Early Voting Hours
Locked in a tight race in Florida where turnout is key to victory, Hillary Clinton wants counties to expand early voting to the most days and hours allowed by state law.
But with voting by mail fast becoming the most popular way to vote in the state, it won’t happen. Early voting in Florida can start Oct. 24 for up to 12 hours a day, ending on the Sunday before Election Day, Nov. 8. Voters can vote at any early voting site in their county, and many are open until 6 p.m. or later. Despite the state’s history of long lines at early voting sites, just nine of 67 counties will offer the maximum 168 hours of early voting: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Charlotte and Duval. Still, that covers nearly half of all Florida voters. Miami Herald

Roller Coasters Like Thunder Mountain Railroad May Be A Surprising Fix For Kidney Stones
Disney pros know one thing that science has apparently just figured out: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a real shaky roller coaster. Michigan State University's Dr. David Wartinger, at least, is one such scientist experiencing the revelation. After hearing multiple patients tell him that they were able to pass stubborn kidney stones after riding the roller coaster at Walt Disney World, Wartinger and his colleague, Dr. Marc Mitchell, decided to put the ride to the test. According to NBC, the two headed down Orlando, Florida, with an artificial kidney containing real human kidney stones. With the 3D-printed organ in a backpack, the two took seats on the ride, with the backpack stationed between them at kidney level. They found that when seated at the front, the kidney passed four out of 24 stones, but when they were seated at the back, the fake organ passed 23 out of 26. SF Gate

Across US, Police Officers Abuse Confidential Databases
Police officers across the country misuse confidential law enforcement databases to get information on romantic partners, business associates, neighbors, journalists and others for reasons that have nothing to do with daily police work, an Associated Press investigation has found. Criminal-history and driver databases give officers critical information about people they encounter on the job. But the AP's review shows how those systems also can be exploited by officers who, motivated by romantic quarrels, personal conflicts or voyeuristic curiosity, sidestep policies and sometimes the law by snooping. In the most egregious cases, officers have used information to stalk or harass, or have tampered with or sold records they obtained. No single agency tracks how often the abuse happens nationwide, and record-keeping inconsistencies make it impossible to know how many violations occur. SF Gate

U.S., Japan Agree To Ease Restrictions On Fuel, Ammunition To U.S. Troops
An agreement between the United States and Japan has been amended to allow Tokyo's self-defense forces to provide ammunition and military refueling for U.S. forces around the world. The U.S.-Japan mutual logistics support agreement is to allow for closer coordination between the two militaries a year after Japan ratified security bills that would allow the country's military to fight in overseas missions, the Asahi Shimbun reported on Tuesday. Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and U.S. Ambassador to Tokyo Caroline Kennedy signed the revised Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement, according to the report. UPI

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Peres's Condition Dramatically Declines; Family Urged To Say Last Goodbyes
Former president Shimon Peres went into severe organ failure on Tuesday morning and is in terminal condition, after two weeks of being in stable but serious condition following a massive hemorrhagic stroke at Sheba Medical Center. According to sources close to Peres in the hospital, the 93-year-old was suffering irreversible brain damage. Israel's ninth president remained sedated, but was independently respirating. The damage from swelling of the brain apparently occurred soon after his stroke on September 13, but had initially been undetectable. Jerusalem Post

Presidential Debate: Trump Says He Might 'Hit Hillary Harder'
US Republican candidate Donald Trump has said he may hit his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton harder in the next presidential debate, following their first encounter on Monday. Mr Trump said he held back "because he didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings". In a Fox News interview, he also accused moderator Lester Holt of being tougher on him than on Mrs Clinton. Overnight polls with small samples were split on who won, but more rigorous surveys are due in the coming days.
Research firm Nielsen estimates 81.4 million Americans watched Monday's debate at home. This would topple the previous record of 80.6 million viewers who tuned in for the 1980 presidential debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. BBC

Elon Musk Outlines Mars Colony Vision
Mr Musk, who founded private spaceflight company SpaceX, was speaking at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara, Mexico, on Tuesday. His colonisation plan uses a fully reusable transportation system that would take 100 people and 80-days to get to Mars and eventually as little as 30-days. This transportation system consists of a spaceship that is refuelled with methane and oxygen in Earth orbit and also on Mars after landing there. Mr Musk explained that to achieve the $200,000 price, the entire transportation system has to be reusable. He spoke of a colony of a million people to make it self-sustaining and that, with his plan, that could take 100 years. BBC

Isis Poses 'Sustained' Threat To US For Years To Come Despite Loss Of Territory
The United States will face years of “sustained vulnerability” from Islamic State fighters even after the fall of its so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria, intelligence chiefs have warned. Giving evidence in the wake of the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey bombings, they told a Senate panel on Tuesday that pushing Isis out of the territory it has claimed will lead to a diaspora of operatives in the US and Europe rather than the destruction of the jihadi army. Guardian

Yahoo's Leak Of 500m Accounts 'Unacceptable', Say 'Disturbed' Senators
Six Democratic US senators on Tuesday said it was “unacceptable” that Yahoo only last week announced a 2014 hack into 500m user accounts and asked embattled CEO Marissa Mayer for more information about the company’s investigation into the data breach. The lawmakers said they were “disturbed” the two-year-old intrusion was detected so long after the hack occurred. “Millions of Americans’ data may have been compromised for two years,” the senators wrote in a joint letter addressed to Mayer. “This is unacceptable.” Guardian

Sarkozy claims 'common values' with the far-Right Front National, according to 'explosive' book by ex-aide
Nicolas Sarkozy once said he shares "common values" with the far-Right Front National, according to a book by a former close advisor to the ex-president. Patrick Buisson, the man behind Mr Sarkozy’s handbrake turn to the Right, claimed that before the runoff in the 2007 elections he would go on to win, Mr Sarkozy ordered him to personally meet Jean-Marie Le Pen, the far-Right firebrand, in the name of these "common values". Mr Sarkozy is cited as saying: “The values of the Front National are those of all French. It’s the way the Front National expresses them that is shocking. The French don’t like dishes that are too spicy that burn your mouth.” Telegraph

Donald Trump Warns Of Possible 'Rough' Attacks About Bill Clinton's Sex Scandals In Next Presidential Debate
Donald Trump has promised sharper, more personal attacks on Hillary Clinton in future debates, claiming he held back to spare her feelings and admitting, “she did well". Mr Trump warned at one point during the combative first presidential debate that he had been prepared to say something “extremely rough to Hillary, to her family,” but chose note to. The Republican nominee appeared to reconsider on Tuesday, confirming that the “rough” attack he had prepared was about Bill Clinton’s history of sex scandals and implying that he would not show such “presidential restraint”, to quote his campaign manager, in the future. “I was going to hit her with her husband's women and I decided I shouldn't do it because her daughter was in the room," he told Fox News. Telegraph

Vast Majority Of World – 6.76 Billion People – Living With Excessive Air Pollution – UN Report
With some 6.5 million people dying annually from air pollution and 92 per cent of the world’s population living in places where levels exceed recommended limits, the United Nations today rolled out its most detailed profile of the scourge ever in a bid to slash the deadly toll. “Fast action to tackle air pollution can’t come soon enough,” top UN World Health Organization (WHO) environmental official Maria Neira said of the new air quality model, which includes interactive maps maps that highlight areas within countries exceeding WHO limits. “Solutions exist with sustainable transport in cities, solid waste management, access to clean household fuels and cook-stoves, as well as renewable energies and industrial emissions reductions,” Dr. Neira added. UN News

Accessible Tourism Will Benefit Everyone, Say Senior UN Officials On World Day
Noting the obstacles that persons with disabilities or those with other access requirements face in taking advantage of fundamental aspects of travel, senior United Nations officials today urged policy-makers, travel planners and companies that work with persons with disabilities to work together to make travel more accessible.
“Everyone has the right to access leisure and tourism services on an equal basis,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message on World Tourism Day. He added, however: “Even with modern technologies, those with visual, hearing, mobility or cognitive impairments are being left behind in many tourism destinations.” UN News

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